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Graveyard Rules

The Graveyard rules were revised at a meeting of the Select Vestry on 15th November 2016, and approved by Clogher Diocesan Council on 7th February 2017.


1. The Graveyard to be mapped and a register of plots to be kept. All plots to be numbered and the names of persons buried to be entered in the plot register.

2. The final or only interment must be at least two feet between the top of the coffin and ground level.

3. Curbing or surrounds not allowed in the new area of the Graveyard.

4. Single graves should be 8ftx3ft. The space between rows of graves i.e.– from the head of one grave to the foot of the next shall be 3ft; this space will be kept level, grassed and maintained at all times. All new grave plots should be grassed over and The Select Vestry reserves the right to grass over any existing plot for ease of mowing. No interment shall take place until: (a) The officiating member of the clergy and churchwardens have given permission for the burial. (b) The place of burial has been allocated by them.

5. Only the Select Vestry has the right to plant trees and shrubs in the Churchyard. No trees or shrubs should be planted on top of any grave. No plaques, memorabilia or photographic images permitted on any graves or headstones.

6. No headstone shall be erected without the prior permission of the Rector and Church Wardens to whom the design must be submitted for approval.

7. Plants, cut flowers and seasonal wreaths are permitted to be placed on graves but they must be kept in order by those concerned and removed when faded or decayed. The Select Vestry reserves the right to remove wreaths and other impediments to graveyard orderliness six months after the last interment. Receptacles for cut flowers must be of an unbreakable material and in keeping wtih general graveyard standards of design. For reasons of health and safety, glass coverings or any other items in the graveyard will be removed if they are considered a danger to the public.

8. No human remains are to be disinterred under any circumstances but human remains accidentally disturbed must be re-interred immediately. Exhumation of remains is illegal except where a request has been granted by the civil authorities and a faculty from the Bishop has been issued.

9. Parishioners and others are reminded that they have a right of burial only, and do not acquire ownership of any plot in the graveyard. No transference of burial rights can be made or recognised.

10. Notice of burial must be given to the Rector or churchwardens by the bereaved family as soon as possible after death.

11. All fees for grave plots to be paid to the Parochial Treasurer at time of allocation.

12. Stones removed whilst digging graves or earth left over after closing graves shall be deposited at the perimeter of the Churchyard. No clay shall be placed in the council dustbin.

13. The Rector and Church Wardens are responsible for the above rules being carried out. Any query not already covered by the foregoing rules must be presented to the Rector and Select Vestry whose decision will be binding.

14. FEES: Subscribers Non- Subscribers
£ £
Single Grave Plot 50.00 500.00
Interment of Ashes in Existing Grave 30.00 100.00
Interment of Coffin in Existing Grave 30.00 250.00
Permission for Erection of Headstone 20.00 100.00

DEFINITION OF A SUBSCRIBER: For the purposes of these graveyard rules a SUBSCRIBER is a person over the age of 18 who has subscribed not less than £75 in the last calendar year.

The above rules, fees etc were considered and passed at a meeting of the Select Vestry held on 15th November 2016.

For further information please contact the Rector or Church Wardens

Rector: Rev G McMurray Tel: 02889531210

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